Acacia after a walk on a Saturday

I had, had to work that day (yes on the weekend, the job is new and I was not ready to start pissing anyone off just yet.) The bf and I did not know what to do with ourselves, but it was soooo nice outside we couldn’t imagine starting a movie or Netflix marathon while the sun was still shining. So we went for a stroll, down to the Creek, back up Patrick and then to the park to see if any prom goers were still out having their pictures taken. I like the sparkly dresses and have an uncontrollable urge to say “awww, they look so pretty” whenever those girls in formal dresses start passing me on Market St. I don’t know why, probably just more of my inner cornball surfacing. Anyway, so after a nice ten minutes on the swings and a couple poofy dress sightings later, I had to announce I was hungry. The bf was definitely not surprised and after some contemplation suggested Acacia as he had yet to experience it.

I wish we had gone on a day where he was more hungry. At first the kid just ordered some oysters, but he was pleased with them and said they were more than enough after the bread basket and amuse bouche of seafood balsamic crostini. (We really love it when restaurants do this.) I on the other hand ordered from the specials menu. (My bf lets me do this because he knows how happy taking a picture and later writing about a beautiful meal makes me, yup he’s awesome!) The dish was touted as “Carolina Style BBQ fish with all the Fixin’s.” This included collard greens with ham, cheesy grits, cornbread and some sort of pickled something that neither of us could figure out and I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the specials board out front. But trust me when I tell you that the pickled veggie definitely added to the dish. There wasn’t any coleslaw, and the BBQ sauce wasn’t quite as vinegary as I like my Carolina pork but it was definitely tasty. Even the bf was convinced grits might not be so bad after he tried the ones from my plate.

Then there was desert. Even though I am an incredibly avid fan of their Coffee Creme Brulee, after my filling meal I wanted something lighter. And with the nice weather teasing me about the upcoming season (this was back in April) I settled on Strawberry Angel Food Cake. Light and sweet just liked I’d hoped. My bf couldn’t resist, and since I’d mentioned the Creme Brulee only about 50 times since we met, he knew he had to try it. It lived up to its acclaim.







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