mother’s day dinner sans mom

I don’t know what makes me decide to go all out and make a full meal from scratch. I suppose it happens too often for there to be a reason. However, this time I’m going to say that the reason was I was celebrating my mother even though she was enjoying a probably-just-as-delicious meal down in Hilton Head, SC with my father. Since they had headed South, that meant I was watching their house and the animals that also occupy it. There is an actual deck,  a charcoal grill and a much bigger kitchen in their house which probably also contributed to my desire to go big.

On the menu, grilled Fillet Mignon, mozzarella and tomato skewers, and strawberries with fresh whipped cream for dessert. Now had I grilled steak or actually whipped cream by hand before? Of course not! However, I think the bf can attest that I did not disappoint.

steak on the grill

easy caprese skewers

quick herb butter for the Fillet Mignon

sooo good


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