One week, two meals at Isabella’s

Yup, you read that right. A couple weeks ago I had the delicious pleasure of eating at Isabella’s Tapas Bar twice in a span of five days. (Really, I would eat a meal there every day if I could.)

The first trip was actually a very light meal on a Tuesday night following a 7.5 hour trip home from Myrtle Beach. The bf and I had happily over-indulged during our short trip to the shore with his family, but neither of us had much in our respective fridges and neither of us really felt like exerting effort in the kitchen. So we took a little walk around the block and decided a couple seafood tapas would satisfy our growing hunger pangs perfectly.

We split four tapas and, I think for the first time since we met, did not have a hard drink with our meals. Instead bf had a stroke of genius and ordered a Sprite. Yes, good old Sprite. We then had a discussion about how its truly the only soda that actually feels like its quenching your thirst. (This is why we like each other, we agree on things like the fact that Sierra Mist can in no way compete with Sprite.)

Our meal:

•Spinach, strawberry and crab salad •Steamed mussels •Cilantro roasted gulf shrimp on black rice and saffron butter •Blackened diver sea scallops with wilted arugula and red chili sauce.

It was such a sweet ending to our little vacation. (Sorry I don’t have photos, I was pretty pooped and not thinking clearly.)

The second excursion proved to be much more decadent. My sister was still home from college and I knew she was going to be at our parents house not doing much that Saturday afternoon. (Our parents were headed to spend some time with my mother’s sister in-law and enjoy”grown-up” conversation.) I suggested that we go out to dinner, she suggested Isabella’s and clearly I put up no argument. Seven tapas and two desserts later, we were both very happy that the parents had offered to treat (they were having a nice dinner without us, only fair right?)

Our meal:

•Asparagus fries •Maryland rockfish over summer squash •Queso al horno (wedge of creamy brie baked on toasted bread with almonds, port wine reduction and fresh orange) •Flat iron grilled shrimp with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil •Steamed mussels (Yes, again. They’re good, don’t judge) •Chicken breast sauteed with artichoke and ripe tomato (it tasted like pizza, will be attempting a recreate at home) •Crispy bacon wrapped Spanish dates stuffed with chorizo on Cherry Glen Farms mild goat cheese cream •Fresh peach pie •A sampler of house-made ice cream.

Then I had a nap.

(Sorry the pictures are a little dark, only had my cell phone.)


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