A little time “in the streets”

Just a few shots from “In the Streets” 2011. The boyfriend and I brought his parents into town from Pittsburgh so they could enjoy more of what makes Frederick, Frederick.

The night before we enjoyed a meal at Olives. It was the first time my and boyfriend’s parents met, and I am happy to report it was a success. I imagine the food and the atmosphere could not have hurt out efforts.

Olive's Bruschetta Sampler

Spiedini di Gameri con Agrumi (Grilled Marinated Shrimp w/ Citrus Butter Sauce)

In The Streets was just as it should be. I had the boyfriend and all the parents over for breakfast and to enjoy all of the runnings of the Market Street Mile from my Market Street apartment. The kid’s mile was definitely the best, we were most excited to cheer them on and there were some wicked fast kiddos.

After a full walk of Market complete with stops at a beer garden or two, we grabbed a table at Bushwallers to rest our legs and really pay attention to downing a couple beverages. (Then short siestas followed, a perk to living on Market.)

We were lucky to snag a table at Isabella’s for dinner and the boyfriend’s parents really enjoyed it.

Acacia Rockfish Taco

South Market Street View

A beautifully Frederick-filled weekend. The next time Mrs. K comes to visit, it will definitely be time to do a little shopping along with our drinking.


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