farmer’s market haul, 9/24

What did I find at the West Frederick Farmer’s Market this weekend? Everything I wanted (even if I didn’t know I wanted it before I got there.)

the complete farmer's market haulThe most important items on my list were fresh apple butter, apple cider and apples. (I made apple spice donuts and apple chicken chili this weekend.) What else did I leave with? Baby beets, yellow onions, plum tomatoes, romaine lettuce, fresh hamburger buns and a cute bouquet of flowers.

What else did I have planned for all this beautiful produce.

The beets were roasted (I intended on serving them as a side to some blue cheese burgers I made on Saturday night, but they weren’t done in time. They’ll be served on the romaine I had left over after I made a grilled romaine salad on Saturday for lunch.

The plum tomatoes will be getting roasted and turned into a pesto.

The onion that didn’t go into the chili was sauteed and served on Saturday nights’ blue cheese burgers (also what the hamburger buns were for.)

apple productsflowers in a mason jar

Interested in any of the dishes I mentioned cooking over the weekend (or plan to in the coming week)? Don’t worry, I will be sharing them on the blog soon. You can also find the inspiration behind most of these meals on my Eat & Drink Pinterest Board.


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