I love to help strangers decide where to eat

And I really enjoy doing it. Not that it’s difficult, I haven’t been disappointed by something Frederick has served me yet.

Last Saturday evening, as the boyfriend and I were making our way down Market St. to Wag’s for our now traditional post-Sarah-ran-a-half-marathon burgers (I had run the Baltimore Half Marathon that morning) we got caught at the light on Patrick St. Right next to us were two women who were searching on their smartphones for a dinner suggestion. Boyfriend gave me a little nudge and I leaned over and asked if they were looking for somewhere to eat. Turns out they had never been to Frederick before and were just a tad overwhelmed at all of the options. They were happy to let me spout off some facts about my favorite places, but I could tell I piqued their interest when I mentioned Brewer’s. So I sent them on their way with a suggestion to try the Crab Cakes. The women were so glad to have had a real person give them a suggestion, they even said I was better than Yelp! What a compliment! I really hope they enjoyed their meal.

That experience got me thinking about how much I really love to talk about the Frederick dining experience. So if nothing else, it has really inspired me to keep going on this little blog of mine and maybe even a few future projects. I hope you continue to enjoy reading about my adventures, and I hope to eventually get to hear about some of yours.


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