The Holidays Are Here!

So I’m a little bummed … I won’t be in Frederick for all of the wonderful festivities planned to usher in the Holiday Season in Downtown Frederick. OK so I’m not really that bummed, I have a fun and food filled Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Pittsburgh with the boyfriend’s fam ahead of me. But I thought I would compile a list of all the things I know of that you should totally do this weekend after the turkey coma has worn off.

So lets start with Friday. First of all it’s Frosty Friday in Downtown Frederick from 9 am – 9 pm. From the Downtown Frederick Partnership website:

“Downtown Frederick opens early and stays up late on Frosty Friday with restaurants and stores operating from 9am – 9pm!  Start off your holiday shopping right with an early breakfast and enjoy characters, carolers and entertainment both on and off the streets of downtown throughout the day.  Indulge in FREE hot cocoa and gift wrapping.  You might see Frosty the Snowman himself, Scrooge, the Grinch or even Ol’ Saint Nick!”

There is an incredible list of all of the days events, make sure you check them out on the Partnership Website here.

Also starting Friday is the Festival of the Greens presented by the Cultural Arts Center. This event runs through Sunday, December 4.

From the Arts Council Website: “Over 100 decorated and themed wreaths and trees are expected to adorn the Cultural Arts Center during the annual Frederick Festival of the Greens. The wreaths and trees, ranging from the fancy to the funky, are decorated by local artists, businesses, school groups, community organizations, and other residents. Individuals can bid on the decorated pieces throughout the festival during a silent auction.

I’m sure plenty of folks have plans to hit up the malls and big box stores on Black Friday. I know I will not be one of them. I went to the mall this past Tuesday and I don’t plan on visiting another mall until after New Years if I can help it. I plan on doing the majority of my shopping in Downtown Frederick (the rest will be done on the interweb.) So while video games and computers are things you should totally look into buying highly discounted at 2 am on Friday (or Cyber Monday), don’t forget that Saturday, November 26 is Small Business Saturday. Of course,  shopping downtown on Friday is totally acceptable too.

There are a ton more events throughout the month of December. Check back later this weekend for what’s on my calendar.

Does anyone have any fun Frederick-specific holiday traditions?


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