Lunch at Lunchbox

OK, so I know I’m really behind the curve here. I had my first lunch at Lunchbox yesterday. (It opened in the beginning of December.) If you’ve been there already, you can probably guess what I’m going to say next … it won’t be my last lunch there either. I texted the boyfriend right after I got back to work saying we would definitely be hitting the place up together soon.

lunchboxes at Lunchbox

I had never been disappointed by the lunch service at Volt (my usual order was the lamb burger, green salad and fries from the 3 for $14 menu at the bar) so I wasn’t really worried about the quality of the food I was going to munch on at Lunchbox. But how much food will $5 really get you? Especially if it is the quality that Bryan Voltaggio is known for providing? With that thought,  I ordered a Wedge salad and Portobello sandwich (and a Cheerwine.) Well half of the sandwich is waiting in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. It was more than enough, but it was worth feeling a little over-stuffed for.

The Wedge Salad wasn’t actually the traditional wedge of iceberg lettuce, but a bowl of iceberg with blue cheese and crispy little bbq chicharonnes.  I worried I would miss the usual bacon but the crunch and flavor the chicharonnes provided was a welcome alternative.

Wedge Salad

The Portobello Mushroom Sandwich was served on sourdough bread with local Cherry Glen Farm goat cheese, pesto and piquillo pepper. I can’t say the bread had a serious sourdough flavor, but it was perfect for the sandwich the way it was. And the crispy on the outside texture provided a great counter to the soft filling ingredients.

Portobello Mushrom Sandwich

The restaurant decor is very simple, but lends itself perfectly to a quick and easy bite and the corner position on the Creek allows a lot of natural sunlight to filter in. Lunchbox is a lovely little edition to the Frederick food scene and as a lunch only spot, I think it holds a nice niche. I predict plenty of lunches there in the future. Even if I’m sometimes just going to ease a Cheerwine craving.

natural light at LunchboxLunchbox has Cheerwine!


2 responses to “Lunch at Lunchbox

  1. Great post! I enjoyed my first time at Lunchbox a couple weeks ago. I also had the portabello sandwich (it was delicious, especially the leftovers generously drizzled with extra olive oil) and the roasted butternut squash soup – amazing. Definitely warrants many repeat visits.

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