But it’s called Brewer’s Alley

So the bar in Brewer’s Alley looks a little different. The brewing tanks are gone! This may actually be old news but I saw the change for the first time on Thursday night and it was a little jarring. Granted this means it’ll probably be a little less tight in there on the weekends. But are more people going to try and squeeze in on Wednesdays for the Cajun Happy Hour Buffet?! I’m not really keen on having to race even more people to the line for gumbo and wings. Oh well, hopefully this is a good sign of how things at the bigger brewing location are going.




5 responses to “But it’s called Brewer’s Alley

  1. Wow, we have to get back in there! It’s been too long apparently!

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  3. My husband and I have been going there so long that when my now 8 year old daughter was born, Phil had someone make her a Brewer’s Alley bib. (I still have it)

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