Traveling for food: New York, part 4

Read about parts one, two and three of our trip.

When you travel, how much of your experience is based on the food? I don’t just mean if it’s good or bad. When you travel somewhere and eat, you are eating the culture. Even if you’re just traveling to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, there is a story behind the food on your dinner plate.

We chose not to see a show when we went to New York. Instead we went on a food tour of Greenwich Village. We were able to experience the historic neighborhood through the tastes of some of its landmark and popular restaurants and food sellers. It’s really a genius idea, everyone likes to eat so why not educate people on the history of a location while they learn about and enjoy some unique dishes. We invited our generous hosts along, turns out they hadn’t spent much time in the Village and they were excited to become more familiar with the neighborhood. Actually I’d say about half of the people on our tour were from New York City. Granted, NYC is huge, but it’s an excellent example of Hometown Tourism. You don’t have to go far to experience something new.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and I highly encourage you to look into Food Tours of New York the next time you’re thinking of heading to the Big Apple.


4 responses to “Traveling for food: New York, part 4

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  3. Reading this is painful for me because the pizza looks so freaking good I want to eat my computer. The West Coast just doesn’t understand pizza like that!

    • I even have a hard time looking at those pictures haha. It was pretty unreal, hard to find pizza like that anywhere else really. But I’m fairly certain our tour guide said there was a Joe’s Pizza outpost somewhere in California, I think the guy’s daughter opened it.

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