Tour for your dinner

So when I should have been doing laundry and packing last night (headed to Pittsburgh with the boyfriend this weekend), I finally upgraded to the Facebook Timeline and dug into the updated version of Foodspotting. If you’re like me and take pictures of everything you eat, you’ll love this app. (Really you probably already have it, and me talking about it now is boring. Sorry I’m a little behind the curve.) But it’s basically Foursquare for food allowing users to share and recommend dishes instead of just whereabouts.

I also like to tell myself it justifies my crazy, middle-of-a-nice-meal photography habits.  When you snap a picture of a delicious meal and upload it to Foodspotting, you’re providing a service to all of the other hungry people out there who may pass through the very restaurant you are dining at in the future. Yeah that is dramatic, but this girl takes her food seriously ;-).

So as I was browsing the Foodspotting website, I also discovered that you can create guides. I’ve had that New York City food tour on my mind since posting about it on Wednesday, so I created a little local tour of my own. An Evening on North Market Street is a full meal tour of a few of North Market Street’s culinary staples and would make one fantastic Saturday night. (Meaning you should consider doing this tomorrow.)

I hope to create a few more of these guide soon, which I promise to share with you. If you download the app, or are already a veteran Foodspotter make sure to let me know!

And if you’re looking for a more structured meal tour that includes four fantastic Frederick restaurants, check out the Downtown Frederick Partnership’s next Progressive Dinner on February 28.


2 responses to “Tour for your dinner

  1. Are you taking your food pics with your camera phone or a regular camera?

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