Food Matters Project: Baked Rigatoni with Brussels Sprouts, Gorgonzola and Tart Dried Cherries

Thank goodness for technology. While I whipped up this week’s recipe early enough on Sunday to enjoy the natural light still streaming through my windows, I didn’t sit down to write this post until about 10:50  pm last night. I got caught up in the Oscars, and well, thought that this week’s post would be as easy as the recipe was. Little did I know that my beloved MacBook would refuse to turn on. Luckily my often forgotten iPad was ready to stand in.

Thank goodness for Mark Bittman and thank goodness for recipes like Baked Rigatoni with Brussels Sprouts, Gorgonzola and Figs. Marcia from Twenty by Sixty choose this recipe for The Food Matters Project this week and, like all of the recipes chosen before it, it turned out better than expected. Fresh figs were a little hard to find and dried figs were a little pricy but luckily tart dried cherries were ready to stand in.

Forkful of rigatoni and mix-ins

Mr. Bittman’s recipes are just so flexible and sometimes we need to remember how to do that ourselves. I’m so used to just sitting down on my couch with my laptop when its time to blog that I forget about the really nice desktop in the second bedroom and that it really is possible to work on my iPad with just a little finagling.

rigatoni with brussels, gorgonzola and dried cherries

This take on a creamy, baked pasta was just incredible. I couldn’t stop taking bites while I was trying to photograph it and I can’t wait to dig into some for lunch today. From what I understand the other FMP bloggers had similar experiences with this recipe, check out how they fared here.


12 responses to “Food Matters Project: Baked Rigatoni with Brussels Sprouts, Gorgonzola and Tart Dried Cherries

  1. Well I just tried this recipe and wow. it’s amazing! I stuck with the figs and nixed the onion. This is a quick favorite. Thanks!

  2. I love that the flexibility of this recipe encouraged you to be more flexible….a great lesson for all of us 🙂 I’ve already eaten all of my pasta….for dinner and lunch everyday until it was gone!

  3. Beautiful! I totally agree about flexibility – I love that lesson 🙂

  4. I ate all the dried cranberries out of my dish so I put some dried cherries in the leftovers. Really good!

  5. I loved the dish! I love my iPad, but I can’t do anything else with it but surf the net… how are you able to post from there?

    • It was so good, right? As for working on my iPad, as long as I’m not getting too fancy with a blog post, I am usually able to use WordPress just like I would on my laptop (the actual website, not the app). I do have the plug-in camera accessories that allow me to pull photos of my camera/memory card and a wireless keyboard that make it a little easier too.

  6. Technology really is a powerful thing…I’m fairly certain I could barely get through a day without it! I loved this dish also and had a hard time limiting myself to one serving!

  7. Yes, I will be trying this tonight. Now my lunch of blueberry preserves in vanilla yogurt will be supreamly lack luster. Thanks for the great recipes!

  8. I couldn’t stop nibbling while taking pictures either, haha… Glad you had some backup technology 🙂

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