Lunching Above Patrick Street

Met the boyfriend for lunch on Tuesday at Quynn’s Attic. We really need to go there more often, I love the atmosphere and the history behind the space. I’ve also since been told that the scallops are awesome,, so I’ll need to give those a taste-test.

Rob chose the Chicken Tortilla Soup to start. He said it was good, exactly what you’d expect. He was pleased with the amount of heat in the cilantro infused roasted tomato broth.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I don’t think I’d ever had heart of palm before I ordered this baby greens salad as my appetizer. I’m a fan.

Baby Green Salad with heart of palm, shaved red onion, and dijon walnut vinaigrette

Rob went with the grilled steak sandwich with sauteed onions and mushrooms, jack cheese, and spicy chipotle aioli for his entree. The aioli seemed to have a very peppery flavor. Rob thought peppercorns had to have been used somewhere in the prep as he got a real hit of pepper every few bites. Rob liked it, and I was pleased when the bite he shared included that distinctive pepper taste.

Steak Sandwich Whole PlateSteak Sandwich side view

I chose the Paillard Breast of Chicken with Lump Crab Meat and lemon cream, garden vegetables, and roasted garlic potato puree. The lemon sauce really played off the lump crab meat. It was that classic combination of lemon and seafood, but the creamy sauce elevated the relatively basic chicken breast as well.

Paillard Breast of Chicken

A very tasty lunch at a great price. The great booth seats over looking Patrick St. didn’t hurt either.


4 responses to “Lunching Above Patrick Street

  1. Great lunch! I really love going out for lunch because you often get more bang for your buck than you do for dinner. Your whole meal looks awesome!

  2. Your pictures are awesome, are you taking these with a cell phone camera or do you carry a camera with you to meals?

    • Thank you!! These were taken with a Canon PowerShot. It’s nothing fancy, but it allows me a little more flexibility with the settings than a regular point and shoot and it gets the job done. I try to carry the camera around most of the time, but when I forget it or didn’t know I’d be eating something worth photographing (haha) I use my handy-dandy iPhone.

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