Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

You should absolutely celebrate with something like this …

pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich

Slice some thick, freshly baked bread (a million extra points if you baked it yourself, I sure didn’t) and slather some or your favorite local honey on one side.

Cook up a few slices of bacon and cut a few thick slices of good, smooth Gruyere.

Melt some butter in your favorite pan over just above medium heat.

Place some of your bacon and cheese on top of one of the honey slathered slices and place the other slice of bread, honey side down on top.

Put your un-toasted sandwich in your butter coated pan and wait for that side to become just golden and crispy. Then carefully flip and wait again. (Yes, I’m sorry, I know waiting sucks when cheese and bacon are involved.)

If you wait, you will be rewarded. Rewarded with melty, salty, savory-sweet goodness all encompassed by a buttery golden crunch.

I somehow came across this grilled cheese recipe competition and just could not stop myself from entering. Meaning most of last Saturday looked like this.

fancy grilled cheese fixings

This wasn’t the actual recipe I submitted over the weekend, but someday I’ll be sure to tell you about it. I’ve got a few more crazy grilled cheeses in mind and luckily the contest is accepting entries until May 8. Why not celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day tonight and come up with a new recipe of your own? It means you’ll get to have grilled cheese for dinner, who wouldn’t want that?!


8 responses to “Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

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  3. Now I really need to start brainstorming some grilled cheese recipes..and eat hordes of sandwiches. Sometimes it’s rough being a food blogger, but someone’s gotta do it! 😛

    • Happy grilled cheese experimenting! I hope you’ll share what you come up with :-). Apparently April is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month so we don’t have to limit our celebrations to just today haha.

  4. Love the McCutcheon’s Vanilla Peaches in the Background! I am making this recipe tonight. In preparation for National grilled Cheese day, a holiday up there with National Pie Day (3/14), I have been experimenting up a storm. We even did a McCutcheon’s version. Not traditional, but dang good. Thanks for all the great recipes.

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