A Few Favorites on Friday

I hope you all were able to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day yesterday. 🙂 If you just couldn’t get around to it, don’t fret, you actually have all month. Apparently April is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, so you’ve got a little more time to celebrate.

Today, I need to share some recent discoveries with you.

1.) Chocolate and Caramel flavored loose teas from Voila!

Tea's from Voila!

Last Friday, I was finally able to pay the little tea shop on Market St. a visit. The first thing to greet me, a sample of Double Chococcino Black Tea. It was just lovely, and there was no way I was leaving the shop without some. And when I asked what the best tasting, most caffeinated tea in the shop was, the woman helping me opened up a tin of Caramel Yerba Mate for me to smell. I don’t really drink coffee, so a cup of tea is how I like to start my morning and my mornings are never going to be the same again. This caramel tea provides a very coffee-like experience, if that makes sense. It’s just so rich and flavorful. I highly recommend paying the shop a visit and letting the ladies there help you find a new favorite.

New tea flavors

2.) That whole root beer, vanilla ice cream & cake flavored vodka combination that’s been roaming through the blog-o-sphere and across Pinterest. For a really pretty version of this weekend-worthy dessert cocktail, look at this one. Mine was a tad simpler, looked like this …

My grown-up root beer float

and tasted like, well, like the best root beer float I’ve ever had. (I’m positive the quality ingredients I picked up had something to do with that too.)

ingredients for grown up root beer float

If you can I highly recommend you get your vanilla ice cream from the Firestone's Market (it's made fresh in the restaurant) and your root beer from McCutcheon's.

3.) Putting pickles on salads. As I was perusing my Google Reader last week, I came across this post from Cupcakes for Breakfast that mentioned a Pickle Madness Salad from Sweetgreen in DC.  I don’t know how you feel about pickles, but I loooove them. I had to know what made up this salad, and luckily a little Google search turned up fruitful. Very conveniently for me, this blogger had taken a photo of the menu board that listed the ingredients in a Pickle Madness Salad. But there was only one kind of pickle  listed, granted they were spicy pickles. but I didn’t think that sounded all that “mad.” I needed to make one with more pickles.

McCutcheon's pickles for salads & snacking

These pickles to be exact. The recipe is coming this weekend :-). There’s really no reason for you to wait for me though, throw some pickles on any salad you like.

my Ri"pickle"ous salad

What are you up to this weekend? Planning on eating/cooking anything good?


3 responses to “A Few Favorites on Friday

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  2. That tea sounds awesome! Maybe it would cure me of my dessert cravings…

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