Spring Brings Change to Brewer’s Alley Menu

Almost 2 weeks ago, Brewer’s Alley unveiled their newest menu. Not completely new, but with some of their usual seasonal change-ups. It was time to say goodbye to some favorite dishes like the California Chicken Sandwich and Mexican Spring Rolls. (I do have plans to recreate both in my own kitchen very soon though)

But it was only to make room for some new ones. The boyfriend and I grabbed dinner there last Monday night and had to try some of the new stuff.

We had already sampled the Goat Cheese Fritters appetizer back during restaurant week so we went with the Koren Style Barbeque Pork Belly with Kimchee to start. As you can see, this was a lot of pork belly. This particular dish was a little softer and thinner than we’re used to. Boyfriend wasn’t the biggest fan, but he’s also not the biggest fan of fatty meat either. I thought it was great. On the spicy side, but the perfect kind of spicy where the heat comes through the flavor. The kimchee offered a great crunch to counter the fatty pork.

Koren-style BBQ pork belly

I didn’t get too much say in one of our entree choices. I made the mistake of telling the boyfriend about the Ludicrous Burger and his response was “done, we’re getting that.” Since he was there to share it with me, I felt a little better about this decision. I knew I wanted to try this thing since Brewer’s shared a photo of it last week on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, which was incredibly appropriate seeing as the Ludicrous Burger is a burger with two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns. Yes, you read that right. Oh, there’s also bacon … and barbecue sauce.

The Ludicrous Burger

It's positively ludicrous. The "bun" for this burger is 2 grilled cheese sandwiches ...

Not only was this burger insane, it was oddly inspiring. With all of the burgers and crazy grilled cheeses I’ve cooked up for my guys on Tuesday nights, I can’t believe none of us thought to marry the two sooner. Thank you for this genius Brewer’s. I do kind of wish the cheese in the sandwiches was a little more melted, but I also may have just missed that perfect window of opportunity by taking pictures of my food ;-).

Since we were sharing the burger, we opted for a small pizza as well. It probably wasn’t necessary but we love leftover pizza and weren’t sure how hungry we’d be. We went for the newest interpretation of a California pizza, the California XVI, topped with Brewer’s hand made mozzarella, garlic roasted eggplant, marinara, kalamata olives, capers and oregano. I took one bite and just said “mmm, olives.” There are no shortage of them on this pizza. I definitely want to order this again when there are no crazy burgers to distract me.

the latest edition of California Pizza

There are new items in every section of the menu as well as a dedicated burger section and a new, customizable Grill menu with meat, seafood and side options.

Last year a menu change brought their amazing fried pickles into my life, so I’m pretty excited to see what new favorites will emerge from this group of new additions. Things I’m most excited to try next are the Country Ham Pizza (topped with diced country ham, caramelized onions, spinach, garlic oil and mozzarella cheese), Crispy Fried Cod Sandwich, and PBLT (grilled pork belly with lettuce, tomato and honey mayo).

Have you tried anything new at a favorite restaurant lately?


One response to “Spring Brings Change to Brewer’s Alley Menu

  1. The PBLT is awesome! (especially after a long run).

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