The Food Matters Project: Roasted Asparagus and White Bean Soup

Overhead asparagus & white bean soup shot 1

I can’t stop eating roasted asparagus. I guess I could have worse problems.

Back to our regularly scheduled Monday programming, this is the most recent recipe brought to us by The Food Matters Project. Adrienne of Adrienneats selected this week’s recipe for Roasted Asparagus and White Bean Soup from Mr. Bittman’s oh-so-wonderful cookbook.

I actually made this soup last Tuesday. I was a little under the weather from my whirlwind trip to Chicago and you can’t do much better than a healthful soup like this one when you’ve got germs to fight off.

I again took it upon myself to cook the beans from scratch and decided to go the mostly pureed route. I gave the soup a little more decadence by making some quick Parmesan crisps to top the soup instead of just grating cheese over top.

The boyfriend and I loved this soup. Maybe it was the salty roasted asparagus in every bite, or the smooth velvet base created by nothing more than white beans and potatoes. Either way it was the first time I had to ask Rob not to eat the leftovers right away because I still needed to take pictures. His response to my request, “I’m glad you told me because they would have been gone otherwise.”asparagus and white bean soup shot 3

I decided to stick with the recipe on this one, but the other members of The Food Matters Project took this highly adaptable soup in all sorts of directions. You can check out all of their tempting dishes over here.


9 responses to “The Food Matters Project: Roasted Asparagus and White Bean Soup

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  2. Whenever you are fighting over leftovers, you know you have a great dish!

  3. Whenever the leftovers are in danger, you know you have a great dish!

  4. Such a beautiful presentation.

  5. I can’t wait to try this… the chilly weather still makes me want soup! I’ve been on a Brussel Sprout binge lately… any recipes on Brussels coming up?

  6. Yours look delish and you just inspired me to follow directions this one time sometime soon! Before asparagus disappears.

    • Aww, thanks! I definitely recommend giving this one a try, but you should have at least a few more weeks of asparagus left, right? I know my local food co-op just started getting local asparagus within the past week, and fingers crossed it lasts until June :-).

  7. Man, after seeing what everyone did and how their soups turned out, it really makes me wish that I followed the original recipe… Next time!

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