Strawberry Nutella Bruschetta

I made this simple, simple dessert on Sunday for the family. I wanted to contribute something to the Mother’s Day meal and I needed to try my hand at some bruschetta for this week’s Food Matters Project recipe. The boyfriend and I weren’t going to make it to my parent’s house until right before dinner time, so there wasn’t going to be time for me to make a more traditional, appetizer style snack.

I originally thought about making a Nutella mascarpone spread to serve under the strawberries (which I’m sure I’ll still try in the future) but I decided to forgo the dairy for this dessert. The boyfriend and I had another fun-filled weekend in Pittsburgh, which also meant too much great food.

Instead of garlic, I rubbed some fresh orange mint leaves over the top of the toasted whole wheat baguette slices then topped each piece with some lightly macerated strawberries (I seem to be on a small kick with these) and then drizzled some Nutella that I melted just a little in the microwave on top.

Strawberry Nutella Bruschetta

Very well received and reminiscent of strawberry shortcake. Even my younger sister, who typically sticks to a Paleo-style diet, ate four.

Laura J. of the blog chef laura at home selected this week’s recipe and you can find Mr. Bittman’s instructions for bruschetta the Food Matters Way over on her blog. For all sorts of other ways to top your next batch of bruschetta head over to the FMP website to see what the other bloggers cooked up.


8 responses to “Strawberry Nutella Bruschetta

  1. Anything with Nutella is amazing! This is a great idea- you could even use a piece of banana bread (or any of those types) and do this. Might be a perfect dessert to serve up at a brunch!

  2. Oh…that looks great!

  3. This does sound dangerous. I try to stay away from chocolate, but like your sister I could end up eating more than I’d want to.

  4. Anything with chocolate and strawberries is a winner in my book – yum!

  5. There’s nothing I love better than strawberries in May. Never thought to try it with Nutella, so I’ll have to try this combo sometime.

  6. I have only discovered the strawberry Nutella combination about 2 years ago and was wondering where I have been all these years… this is GOOD!

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