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I’m in print! My first article for The Urbana Town Courier has been published!  I’ll be somewhat regularly contributing to the food column, Local Palate, and this month I’m dishing about a recent trip to Frederick’s Shab Row Bistro. It’s on page 8 if you’re in the Urbana area and find yourself with a hard copy or want to browse the online edition. Or just click through here.

I was lucky enough to visit the bistro on a night that Chef Kurt “The Irish Chef” Ramborger was visiting from Texas. Not all of the photos of the meal made it into the piece, so I’d thought I share them here.

stuffed squash blossoms

stuffed squash blossomStarted with stuffed squash blossoms.

striped bass with farro With striped bass for an entree and bread pudding for dessert.

bread pudding

Photo originally printed in The Town Courier Urbana with the article Frederick’s French Bistro


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