Fried Chicken and a Bourbon Milkshake

Oh my, I’ve been holding out on you. Sorry! I really went to Mr. Voltaggio’s newest Frederick restaurant, Family Meal, like a month ago. Which also means that  it’s high time I headed back for round #2, don’t you think?

The boyfriend and I were very pleased with our meal. I’ll try to explain why, but I don’t think my words will mean too much next to the food photos. 🙂

Beer Glass Clink/Cheers

Drinks first of course. That’s a regular old Brooklyn lager on the left and a Michalada (lime juice, maggi sauce and cholula  & Brooklyn lager on the right).

Pot Pie Fritters. All of the wonderful things about pot pie, done in two-bite size.

Pot Pie Fritter Bite

Rockfish entree

Fried Chicken

Everyone raves about the Fried Chicken, so we knew we would be ordering it going into dinner. Quite possibly the best we’ve ever had.

Yes, the chicken is served in a chicken.

The side of pickles served with the chicken was no match for me.


Neither were the biscuits.

The corn pudding was calling to me.

Chocolate, Cherry Bourbon Milkshake

And to top it all off the meal ended with a Chocolate, Cherry & Bourbon Milkshake. When we went to Family Meal, the “adult” milkshakes weren’t listed on the menu (not sure if that’s different now) but we were lucky enough to be seated at the counter and “overheard” someone mention them. Then I went and got all difficult as this milkshake was apparently the first that wasn’t just vanilla and bourbon. It was soooo worth asking, you should ask for one too when you go. It basically tasted like a cherry cordial.

Have you been to Family Meal yet? What did you have and what did you think?


One response to “Fried Chicken and a Bourbon Milkshake

  1. Yes, this southern girl was charmed by the fried chicken… that and the greens brought me back to my roots. Possibly the best I’ve ever had outside of my Gannie’s kitchen.

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