Wine Tasting – Black Ankle Vineyards

This is the kind of weekend weather we’ve been waiting for people! How are you going to spend it? I know I’ll be spending a few hours outside taking some really awesome people on some food tours :-). I’m also pretty sure I’ll be making a return trip to Black Ankle Vineyards on Sunday afternoon. If you’re in need of some plans this weekend, I highly (highly) recommend driving out to this Maryland winery.

We visited earlier this Summer with some friends who’ve been raving about Black Ankle wines for what seems like years now. Rob and I were plenty excited to finally have a chance to go for a tasting.

We left with three bottles and got ourselves signed up for the Wine Club. Our first club wine selection is actually ready to be picked up now and is the reason I’ll be heading there on Sunday.

Maybe these guys will be hanging around again.

So pretty.


2 responses to “Wine Tasting – Black Ankle Vineyards

  1. Sarah! What a great idea! I may have to check this place out. I love visiting wineries! thanks!

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