A Blue-Haired Dinner at Acacia

Leading food tours makes me hungry. It makes sense, I’m watching groups of  people nosh on some really good food for three hours (and I’ve eaten it all before so I really do know how good it is). So I’m usually ready for a large meal come 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

A few weekends ago the boyfriend’s family was in town and while I was leading a tour, they were moving my boyfriend’s younger brother into my old apartment. They had worked up quite an appetite as well and our party found its way to Acacia. It was about 4 pm and we were all alone in the dining room. I like to think we were helping the kitchen get warmed up.

I started with an heirloom tomato salad that was so, so refreshing.

Acacia Lobster Roll Meal

Acacia Lobster Roll

For my main course, I was powerless to resist the lobster roll. The lobster filling was perfectly cool and lightly creamy. There was really no need for the melted butter served on the side, but I certainly enjoyed a few dunks. Not one morsel of food was left on my plate.

It was a very satisfying summery meal. My fingers are crossed I can make it back for at least one more lobster roll before September and fall make their grand entrance.

Is anyone really ready for Summer to be over? Me neither.



2 responses to “A Blue-Haired Dinner at Acacia

  1. oh my goodness! I have only dined at Acacia once (for restaurant week) and loved the Kung Po Chicken. I have been scoping out the menu to see what I would get when I visit next! I must try the lobster roll now! your pics of it look amazing!

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