Dinner and Cuties at The Great Frederick Fair

He’s lived here for more than two years, it was high time he experienced the Great Frederick Fair. I am, of course, referring to the boyfriend. We ventured to the Fairgrounds last night with plans to grab some dinner and look at some cute farm animals.

Cuddling Great Frederick Fair Goats

Great Frederick Fair Momma Cow and Calf

Great Frederick Fair Piglets

Absolutely no shortage of cute, especially those baby pigs!

After all of my gushing, we were definitely ready for some grub and after all of the twitter hype I knew exactly what I wanted to try.

Hemp's Meats Sign

As a younger fair-goer my snack of choice was boardwalk french fries. They were convenient and my main concern was usually getting in line for the Zipper (which Rob and I both nostalgically considered riding last night).

Hemp's Meats Barbecue Sandwich

Rob ordered the barbecue sandwich. He took one bite and said it was a real “man-wich”. The meat was very shredded, making the eating experience similar to that of a sloppy joe. He happily devoured this thing.

Hemp's Meats Ham and Roast Beef Sandwich

I went for a little variety and ordered the ham and roast beef sandwich. After a few bites I wished I had put a little more barbecue sauce on it, but it was nevertheless a great sandwich. The ham had a good amount of saltiness to it and the roast beef was tender and not at all dry. If it all worked with our schedules I could see us venturing back for a few more Hemp’s sandwiches.

Dessert we decided, needed to be something fried. We opted for a plate of these.

Great Frederick Fair Fried Oreos

Yes, deep fried Oreos. I’d never had them before, Rob assured me they were delicious. I couldn’t eat them fast enough. The cookie part becomes very soft within the fried dough but that perfect strip of frosting remains. I don’t eat Oreos often (it’s probably not a good sign that molten hot oil doesn’t melt the frosting) but let’s face it, sometimes there is nothing better.

Bite out of deep fried oreo

Have you made it to the Great Frederick Fair yet? Are you planning on going? What are your favorite fair foods?

Great Frederick Fair Lights


2 responses to “Dinner and Cuties at The Great Frederick Fair

  1. I really hope I can find the time to go! This is my first year living in Frederick.

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