I hope you don’t mind

2012, so far it’s been a pretty meaningful year. I started an actual business, I turned 25, moved in with a boy, and became a blogger (not in that particular order). I think … (sigh), I think I’ve got to make one more big change before 2013 roles around.

It’s been coming for a little while, but something my Dad said very recently struck a chord. It had something to do with keeping momentum when you can feel you’re moving in a good direction.

This business that I’m growing, Taste Frederick, is truly the materialization of what I wanted this blog to be when I started. I love telling people about Frederick, talking about food, and sharing everything relating to both. Talking to complete strangers about what to check out in Frederick is actually how I met Rob :-). I cannot begin to express how lucky I feel now that I get to do this in a more official capacity.

I am starting to feel however that I am spreading the goods a little thin. Taste Frederick has a blog of its own and I feel that by continuing to share everything food and Frederick related here, the new business is missing out. It’s like two kids vying for my attention. I think I have come up with a solution however, and this is what I hope you don’t mind.

I’m going to retire FoodandFrederick.com, or at least migrate it into the Taste Frederick Food Tours blog. (Sheese, that was hard to type.) Everything I’ve ever posted about Frederick’s restaurants/food scene will be moving over there. All of my own recipes and silly nonsense posts will be moving somewhere else new and exciting.

I have been sitting on another domain name for almost 2 years, bysarahrae.com. (Yes I hoard them ;-)) This will be where you can find me on the web from now on. Again I sincerely hope you don’t mind. By: Sarah Rae will be a little more than just a food blog though, it’s going to get a little more personal up in there. I promise however, that it will continue to be a good time.

So in a nutshell all things Frederick can now be found at www.tastefrederickfoodtours.com/blog (and Facebook & Twitter).

All things Sarah (including my own kitchen adventures) can be found at www.bysarahrae.com (and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest). There will be recipes, photos, small business talk and everything else my heart has ever desired.

I have loved LOVED creating this space and cannot believe how much it has helped me do in really just the past 10 months. Thank you so much for reading & I really hope to continue to see you around the web.

**The eventual plan is to delete this blog and direct the domain to the new one, so if even if you’re looking for anything “Food & Frederick,” you’ll still be directed to the right place :-)**


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